In today’s moving market there can be many different reasons for needing secure storage.


  • It can free up some space in your home
  • It can mean the difference between selling or not selling your property
  • Alternatively you may just want to de-clutter whilst decorating or building works take place.

Whatever your reason may be, we believe we have a cost effective solution.
Our staff will load the containers professionally and transport them to our secure warehouse where they will be off loaded by fork lift truck and remain until you ask us for delivery – whether that be a few days or indefinitely.

No Van Hire
No Shuttle runs, not to mention unexpected traffic delays.
No need for you to lift a thing.
Our staff do all the work, even pack goods into boxes if you have elected for our packing service.

If you’d like to ask any questions of us, or make an enquiry, please call us today on 01730 622357.